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Ernest & Co Accountants is an Owner Managed local practice run by Ernest Tumuhairwe , a Chartered Management Accountant. It is registered in Tottenham, London.


We aim to provide a very professional service to all clients, update them regularly on their work and what maybe required of them to ensure a succesful business. As professionals, we are guided by the ethics of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.


Choosing a big local accountancy practice to provide you with the services you need may not necesarily provide you with the real value for your money, choose me and I will provide you with the best professional service.


Customer Satisfaction

As a professional, It is my intention to provide the best service possible to my clients, listen to their requests and advise accordingly. Using me as your accountant implies that you can get the same level of service as with large accountancy firms  without the large fees.


About us

Ernest & Co Accountants


Ernest & Co Accountants is the trading name for Ernest Tumuhairwe ACMA CGMA, a Chartered Qualified Management Accountant, regulated and guided by the Institute of Chartered Management Accountants (CIMA). We help individuals, Landlords, companies both large and small.


Year End Accounts


We prepare and organise your bookkeping records which allows you to concentrate on developing your business. From your bookkkeeping records, We prepare your year-end accounts from which your Self Assessment is compiled and filed with HMRC.


Cashflow Projections


This is one of the most important management reports used by strategic managers and Business owners in making decisions about the future perfomance of their businesses. It shows how much cash is expected to come into and out of the business and how much more working capital is required to meet the running costs of the businesv